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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why cupcakes trump wedding cakes pt. 1

Find conventional wedding cake to be ho hum and predictable? A “cake” created with tiers of artfully adorned cupcakes will surely have guests oohing and aahing. These petite treats have risen to star status by cupcake loving celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Oprah and Martha Stewart, and cupcakeries are popping up across the country. Cupcakes are festive and fun, decorating options are endless and they’re a great way for a couple to show off their style and originality. A wedding cupcake tower can be topped with a small cake for the happy couple to cut, or – even more romantic -- they can feed each other a shared cupcake. More reasons to love those little cuties:

Edible aspect:

Wedding cake can look better than it tastes and much tends to go to waste. “After dining, drinking and dancing, many guests forego dessert,” says Stoyer. “But charming cupcakes are less intimidating so guests – even those watching their waistlines -- can’t resist eating them, or taking them home.”

Color coding:
It’s not a hassle to serve several cupcake varieties -- color coded by liners and toppings -- so there’s a flavor to please everyone in your wedding crowd. “Adorn simple toppings like chocolate glaze, fondant icing or butter cream with elegant accents like monogrammed candied hearts, candy seashells, fancy chocolates or large silver nonpareils,” suggests Stoyer. Another dress up touch is to garnish the tiers of a cupcake stand with leaves and edible fresh or candied flowers that mimic the floral theme of the wedding.

Fuss free:
From a baker’s viewpoint, whipping up wedding-worthy cupcakes is labor intensive, but they are much easier to transport and assemble on site than huge layers of cake. Servers and guests benefit because they needn’t fuss with knives or forks or cake slicing time; people can even pluck their own portion from a cupcake tower.

Budget biter:
Wedding cupcakes, which are about 50% larger than usual, can start as low as $3, then fillings, special toppings and ornate designs can add a few dollars to the price. Nonetheless, cupcakes generally don’t require as much time and TLC as a multi tiered cake -- which can run you $6-$12 per slice – so they end up costing considerably less.

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